This institution to be established is not dependent upon direct aid provided by the government or any other organization. It is to be inaugurated and sustained by a “fund council” constituted by the devoted donors.

1. Total expense for the construction of the complete training centre – Rs: 87,660,000 /-

(Bhikkhuni hostel, communication unit, library, lecture halls, the three storey building and ancillary instrumentation)

2. Monthly expenses for the maintenance of the Training Centre

  • Salaries and perks of the panel of lecturers – Rs:    300,000 /-
  • Alms and medicine (for40 bikkhunis)     –     Rs:     360,000 /-
  • Water, electricity, gas and sanitation –         Rs:    250,000 /-
  • Transportation expenses –                             Rs:     125,000 /-
  • Other expenses –                                              Rs:       50,000 /-

                 Total                                                              – Rs:   1,085,000/-


How to donate to the fund….

  • Special donations:

Could be handed over to the co-ordination office and get a receipt else by crediting the Sampath bank (Horana Branch) account number – 1057  6100  1116, named ”Bhikkhuni Training Fund”.

  • Special Material aid:

While the buildings are being built and the maintenance of the Training Centre is carried on, the requisite aid could be provided after negotiating with the authorities.

  • Donations could also be given by crediting the “Bhikkhuni puhunu kapakaru mapiya aramudala”.

Bhikkuni Training Attendant Parental System

Why did she get ordination?

  •  To quench the fires of Samsara
  • To safeguard Buddhism
  • To Show us the way to the realization of truth.

 Is it not our responsibility to safeguard her who has done so many sacrifices on behalf Buddhism and us?

Dear Parents, This is your own daughter.Your Loving Sister. Let us get together to safeguard and empower her with the thought that they are our own daughters and / or Sisters. Committing one self to confer the gift of truth on a Bhikkuni is deed of great merit that can extinguish the fire of samsara: Infinite Merit will accrue to oneself on each and every occasion she dispenses dhamma.

In order to give dhamma education to a single Bhilkkuni, you have to spend only Rs. 24,000/= per year.

  How to be a part of this noble deed of merit:

1. By contributing towards the construction of the building complex of the Bhikkuni Training centre.  The Building-complex consists of several primary units

  • Dhamma communication and language training unit
  • Bhikkuni hostel
  • Administrative unit
  • Library and Dhamma research unit
  • Renovation of the Presently existing hostel

Contributing according to your ability towards the construction of even one unit is a noble deed that would cause you to accrue much merit through-out samsara.

2. By participating in the Bhikkhuni Training attendant parental, System.

For now we have 20 bhikkhunis who are enrolled. We expect to enroll upto 160 by may, 2015 and upto 100 once the building complex has been completed. Our aim is to train these Bhikkhunis in Shamma communication and psychological counseling for four years before releasing them for scholarly activities and social service both locally and internationally. For the Dhamma education of one bhikkhuni you have to spend only Rs. 24,000/- per year. This also  can be paid in three installments. Immense is the happiness and immense power of is the merit that accrues when you as a loving father or mother see her, who has been educated with your support, disseminating Dhamma and engaging in social service.

3. By contributing to the maintenance of the bhikkuni training centre.

A large amount of money has to be spent monthly for the maintenance of this institution.

  •  Providing alms for Bhikkunis
  • Salaries of the panel of lecturers and the rest of the staff
  • Health and sanitary facilities
  • Water/Electricity bills and maintenance activities

———————– Kind Request —————————————-

 For every contribution please be kind enough to obtain a receipt

  • Write a crossed cheaque payble to “Bhikkuni Training Fund.”

Sampath Bank (Horana Branch) Account number – 1057 6100 1116

Our sole purpose is to produce a generation of faithful and disciplined Bhikkhunis who are equipped with the skill of communicating the message of Buddha Dhamma with motherly affection and who are able to heal the hearts that are aflame all the world over with the help of Buddhist Philosophy and meditation to foster and safeguard the Buddha’s dispensation.

Be a part of this great deed of merit by considering her as your own daughter, your own sister.


Bhikkuni Trainning Centre and International Faculty of Buddhist Studies, Developmental Fund, Dhamma Trainning and Meditation Centre, Dekanduwala, Kananwila, Horana.

Tel: 034 3 300 332

 Buddhism to the world encapsulated in mother’s love

It was she who brought the Sri Maha Bodhi Tree.

It was she Who brought the scared tooth relic of the Buddha.

You too of lofty thoughts can get together with us in accomplishing this noble deed of merit, be safeguard her who is a bhikkuni and empowering her to transform herself into doing a magnificent, epoch-making service.